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Spinning tales and singing songs

Writings from a musician's soul

9 May 1989
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I go by a number of different nicknames (too many to list), most just call me Toph or Tophie. I do a ton of different stuff, but I mostly roleplay for fun. In between, I icon, read, write (once in a blue moon), go to classes (lol, college), work part time, and a few other random things. Don't even ask me how I do it all, I don't have a clue. >_>;;; Formerly went by the username 'eva4aikka'.

Contact info can be found here. :)


Credit for the icontest banners above: 1 and 4. senbonzakura77 2 and 7. pantsu 3. candy_fruit 5. goth_batafurai 6. xskyechanx 8. elspeth_vimes


AVPM animated mood theme: magique_icon


Self-pimping stuff:

My icon/graphics community: tophiecons! Concrit, credit, and comments are love. ♥

My fanworks community: tophieworks This comm contains fanart, colored manga, fan fiction, original fiction, and the like. Reviews, comments, concrit, etc. are more than welcome.

My deviantART: Found here