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Spinning tales and singing songs

Writings from a musician's soul

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Icon is because I can and Courage Wolf is the shit
Wooooooooow it's been a long time since I've used this thing. Records show it's been a year and two days. Oops. :X

Um, reason for that is because I've been doing all my posting and such over on plurk lately. It's really addicting, especially with all the karma stuff, such as inactivity losing you karma, gaining karma giving you lots of new emotes, like the taser one.

ANYWAY, for those who still have me friended on here, I am, indeed, alive. I've been busy with work since I switched from my old job of the clothes MCA (the cleaning up the fitting room and sales floor) to that of the shoes MCA, where I get to take care of the shoes warehouse by emptying out the boxes of new shoes that come in, put them away on the shelves so they can be sold off, cover the sales associates breaks, help with signing if I'm scheduled when an ad changes (which I usually am), and drag out the emptied and broken down boxes to the cardboard compactor.

Perks of this job are that I can hide a water bottle in the back while I work so I'm not running off for a drink every twenty minutes, and I can listen to my iPod when I'm not covering the sales floor. :> Well worth giving up my freedom to walk around, I think. I still manage to rack up a lot of watts on my Pokewalker when it's in my pocket though since I'm constantly on my feet back there too.

Also, the fact that I have a Pokewalker... yeah, I got Soul Silver back in March. :'D And I picked up Ace Attorney: Justice For All just a few weeks ago and it's really fun!

On the rp scene, I'm still at dramadramaduck, where I've got Motoko Kusanagi and Feldt Grace. I've also got an app in for Lily Evans, but I gotta wait for word back on it. I think they won't be looking at apps until after Activity Check is fully done, but that's fine since that'll give me a little time to poke at my other game.

The other game is gauntlet_rpg, where I play Roleplay!Universe Neil Dylandy/Lockon Stratos and Motoko Kusanagi, both having returned with their Crucible memories intact, but Motoko having stayed in-universe after the end of the Crucible's journey. Also in tow is Original!Universe Sally Sparrow. I've got a soft spot for the girl, she was so brilliant facing the Weeping Angels and everything in Blink. In other Gauntlet-related news, I'm also one of the mods there, have been for a few weeks now.

For the last two months I've been helping Orly with modding her icontest, watase_awards. At this very moment, I am failing pretty miserably at it.... Though I did alright up until this weekend. I haven't made any sort of update in the vain hope of getting three more icons for a voting post (on top of being busy from Friday to Monday, writing my app on Tuesday and working today), but alas, no such luck. I may throw in the towel in a few minutes and force myself to make a new theme and a new sample icon. Orly, if you're reading this, I'm going to be bluntly honest here. I cannot wait for you to get home from China and take back control of your icontest. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if the members of the comm will be happy to see my substitution reign over as well. I dub myself fail!mod of icontests as I do recall why I never restarted my own. sob

In home-related matters, I cleaned my room with the parents' help. Yes, it was that bad. It took us all... about eight and a half hours, I want to say, to do my room and my closet. I'm ashamed to admit that I let my room get that bad, but now it's clean, I've let go of a lot of my old shit, my old books, a bunch of old clothes too... I pray I don't let it get that bad again.

It was also during this cleaning spree that my mother revealed that she was worried about having my bed close to the northwest corner of my room, close to where the heater is. This is because that is the corner where all the power cables connect to the house and she thinks there would be a high electro-magnetic field. Funnily enough, my bed's usually been along the north wall, so it's still pretty close. Hell, I'm typing this close to that corner. And I'm starting to wonder if this is the reason why I get paranoid of shadows and such so easily, or if my brain is just that easily influenced by watching Doctor Who episodes such as Silence in the Library, Forest of the Dead, and other similar episodes so close to midnight. :|9

So... since I'm not planning on digging through a year's worth of f-list backlog, how have all of you guys been?

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I know right? I think all of the older members left. haha.

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