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Tophie's Excellent-ish Adventure
Family means...
Yeah. I seriously had an adventure today. I got a phone call a bit before two from my cousin Phylicia, who lives up in Vermont. She and her friend had come down to Massachusetts to go to Six Flags and somewhere around Chicopee, their car broke down. So after some internal debating and calling work to tell them I might be late, I got my brother to get some directions to the gas station they were at off of google and off we went. I mean, I couldn't just leave her there. My mom was at school, my dad was at work, our aunts and uncles are either out of state or farther east, and since my grandmother has Alzheimers, my grandfather can't exactly take her out with him in the event she wanders off or something and she can't be left home alone either. Besides, I'd feel like a total piece of shit if I abandoned family like that.

It went smoothly enough at first until we got closer to the Granby/Chickopee/Springfield area. We got lost and turned around several times until we stopped at some convenience store. The clerk wasn't much help but some guy with a tan and a really baggy shirt managed to point us in the right direction. We soon found it, as well as my cousin and her friend. So from there we tried to find our way to I-91 and got a little lost in the process, but after stopping for directions twice, we found it. Then once we got off, they decided they were going to wait for the friend's dad to pick them up at the Holyoke Mall. So then we got lost looking for that and stopped once more in Springdale (I think) and got directions, only to almost get lost on the way there courtesy of a wrong turn, but we found it by continuing a little down the road. So after we let them out at the mall, they gave us the simple instructions to get back home. Luckily, we managed not to get lost on the way back to Route 2. However, at this point I was already late for work and I still had to drop off my brother at his friend's house. So I did that before turning around for work, ending up there about an hour late. I had a decent shift, luckily it was slow, so I didn't have too much fitting room work. At 9:20 the store was decently clean so me and my coworker got to head off early. So I spent that time to go fill up my recently drained tank and drop off my coworker at home.

I finally got home at 10, and its amazing that eating a slim jim while you pump gas will remind you of how hungry you are, if you failed to eat anything from when your brother wakes you up at 12:30 in the afternoon to that point in time. >_>;;; So I had dinner when I got home.

EDIT: Now including this handy map I color-coded to illustrate where I've been. Green is the start point (2pm), red is the 'end point' (6:30pm), purple is the route there, blue is the one going back, and orange is my return trip home.

On the upside, friend's and family night is tomorrow so I've got a couple things on hold and totally looking forward to shopping while I work. :3 Also making note, if I have some extra money, I need at least one new shirt for work.

And for some random entertainment, a video I found whilst hunting around youtube:


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