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Icon has never been more appropriate
Inventory sucks. I wasn't even there when they were doing it, but oh my fuck. The store was a fucking pit, like a tornado had gone through it. It's not even this bad during the holidays, and that's saying something. And they somehow thought I could clean up the floor afterward. Alone.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No. :| That's not happening after you tell me to spend about two hours folding up shirts when I still need to take my half, do the fitting rooms, cover the half for the only girl in shoes, and did I mention the customer assist calls too? Those take a while sometimes. You got the fitting rooms all nice and sparkly clean out of me though, so have fun with coming in to that when you all come in for inventory again. I just feel bad for whoever has the store after inventory tomorrow, but if they did it right, I think my coworker has a bit of company for the end of the night.

Oh, but you know, that was really nice of you to try calling someone in to help me from 5ish-9:30 though. You probably should've checked the schedule first before calling because then you would've realized I was already coming in before calling me. Fail....

So hopefully, I'll have er... today to myself and lappy before I go back for my 12:30-9:30 murder shift on Friday. Not looking forward to that at all.

And editing with a quiz/meme!

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The Stuntman

Random, Action-Oriented, Platonic

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They are pretty rad. We have the first four Intron Depots. |D

They're pretty cool, they show how he used to do his early CG stuff.

Oh man, now I'm going to end up hunting around for these, huh?

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