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Does not compute
Wow, imagine that. I'm posting again already! *gasp* What a surprise!

But yeah, I've got something awesome to share for anyone who has firefox. For anyone who's had to deal with Veoh's 5 minute thing, Megavideo's 72 minute video limit, etc. and is sick of it, I have found a wonderful plugin to ease your frustration.


It's an experimental plugin and the page has a description of everything it does and... *_______*

Now for those who care about what's going on in the life of Tophie, I have Monday through Thursday off from work which while I'm happy with having time to bum around, that's just that much less money I have for school and whatnot. With luck, I've also managed to pull myself from my financial hole, which I would rather not go into detail about.

I also ended up with a 12-6:30 shift on the Fourth of July. Again. I am praying to every deity and higher power out there to save my sorry ass in that my sole coworker that afternoon does not call out for fear of another incident like last year. Not good and not pretty.

Weather forecast is... scattered thunderstorms. So no trip to York Beach tomorrow... er, later today. ): Oh well, I forgot to shave my legs anyway. rofl

Oh yeah, and as if I can't say it enough, my wireless is a sack of cocks. It keeps fizzing out every once in a while at some really bad times, especially when I'm in the middle of something.

To-Do List:

1. Continue paying my bills and stuff on time.
2. Send out owed Christmas cards... >___>;;;
3. Stop being such a slacker on school work.
4. ???
5. profit Learn to keep some things for myself instead of blabbing.
6. Finish Code Geass
7. Use plurk more
8. Keep on practicing manga coloring
9. Renew registration for van before end of July
10. Put more money in paypal

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I'd prefer New England weather over this mess we have in the South. Heat index above 100 almost every day this past week. Oh, and humidity.


That... how do you put up with that? That is unliveable conditions in my book.

It's pretty terrible, I'm not gonna lie... but I guess you sorta get used to it after growing up in it? idk, I try not to leave my apartment when I don't have to, run my air-conditioner all the time, etc.

You being acclimated makes more sense, and the air conditioner does too.

Hellooooooo 4 am....

Only 3 am Central Time....

:P to your time zone. You live in the past.

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