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Helloooooooooo 6 am~~~~~~~~
So I realize I haven't posted on this thing in a while.

I can only think of a couple things to update for recent stuff.

-I need to remember that split shifts at work are evil and I must not automatically say "yes" every time work calls me to come in. ...But it means I get paid a bit more. Decisions, decisions.

-I should probably stop staying up until it gets light outside. Yes I realize 7:40 in the morning is an absolutely insane time to stay up to. 5:50 is no better... and neither is 5.

-Doing markdowns at work was the kind of mindless labor I needed for a shift starting at 7 am. Yes, I'm grateful for the extra hours. Yes, I'm glad I had the rest of the day for whatever. No, I do not like mornings at all. Particularly, anything before 10 am. :| Lazy, yes. Do I care, not really. I like my night shifts better because I'm more awake at night. Whether or not it's because I stay up so late has yet to be decided since I could be staying up late because I'm more of a night person.

-I might make some brownies before work if there's time. Or pudding if my dad got some. I need sugar. XD;;;

-I should probably make an icon post at some point. I've probably accumulated a metric fuck ton since my last one... in January.

-Need to renew the registration on the Green Monster before the end of next month or I'm in deep shit.

-...Pretty sure a headache means I should get sleep.

-Oh right, my inbox magically fixed itself the other day. Good thing too, I was going nuts without it. :/

Questions? Comments? Bueller? Night.


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