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Contact info, etc.
At peace with the world
So you want to get in touch with me but I don't have anything listed on my profile, huh? And you want something faster than a pm? Problem solved.

AIM: metalbender pwns (alternatively: hackerchroma, mybffharo)
MSN: motoko.kusanagi@hotmail.com (...not always on here)
Skype: tophmun

Or you can leave a message here if I'm offline. Same if you just happen to be skipping through LJ, go ahead and comment asking for a friend add. Saying why you think we should be friends saves me from snooping around your profile and stuff when I have a friend add I don't know where the hell it came from. All comments initially screened. :)b

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Heya Tophie ! Been wanting to add you for a while since the bits of RP over at Gundressed, and I really like your fics (... and fills for the Kinkmeme X3).

As for being LJ friends, I guess starting off with things in common would be nice -- there's fandom (like Gundam 00), RP, fanfiction & writing in general; staying up late and breaking our heads over our respective lappies. |D~

I hope you don't mind my friending you!

Cheers! <3

Ah! I don't mind at all, though I have been failing hard at updating this at all since rp takes away a lot of my attention, as does plurk. :'D

Hee~ 'tis fine. X3 I barely update mine as well, as of this last quarter -- RL got me juggling with my arms, legs and head. ^^;; Though I manage to sneak in a little post over the weekend.

Have a great weekender!

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