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Spinning tales and singing songs

Writings from a musician's soul

Some deep and not-so-deep ~*~reflection~*~
Hand over the man
Yeah yeah, it's been a while, but I figure since tomorrow's New Year's Day, what better time is there to dust off this account off and use it for... journaling purposes. Instead of posting apps, meme comments, etc.

I'm still debating doing a time capsule meme, but knowing my luck, I'll forget about it until I come digging through on another nostalgic whim. So odds are, I won't.

There's so much I feel like rambling on about, but I can't really put it into words. So maybe I'll put something resembling a New Year's Resolution in here. Yeah, sounds like a good idea. :>

1. Straighten up my act, re: school. Full stop.

2. Stay active with my games/characters. If I can't keep up with Dramadramaduck, Gauntlet (+ modwork), Compound and potentially, Mayfield, then it's probably a sign I should drop someone here or there.

3. Get my ass in gear in terms of modwork. Being on school break =/= break from modwork, and Jchan shouldn't have to pick up all my slack(ing).

4. Whenever I make icons, I should post them more frequently... not every four to six months when I have 200+ built up. >_>;;;

5. Needs more cowbell old Doctor Who. And maybe try playing the Rani some day. An amoral biochemist Time Lady seems like fun to play. o3o

6. Find a new job that pays better, isn't commission, and... will actually give me a raise and works with my availability. Preferably at a flower shop or a book store. But non-retail would be ever better, if possible.

7. Write up a good, long bucket list.

8. Visit some more Ducks, especially the in-state ones.

9. Consider some summer classes, the goal is to graduate at the end of year five.

10. Shop less on teefury, even if they have some really awesome shirts....

Alright. Ten things work for now. Should be doable. I hope.