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-Some accounts haven't been used, this list is just so I can keep track of them all.

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At peace with the world

Contact info, etc.

So you want to get in touch with me but I don't have anything listed on my profile, huh? And you want something faster than a pm? Problem solved.

AIM: metalbender pwns (alternatively: hackerchroma, mybffharo)
MSN: motoko.kusanagi@hotmail.com (...not always on here)
Skype: tophmun

Or you can leave a message here if I'm offline. Same if you just happen to be skipping through LJ, go ahead and comment asking for a friend add. Saying why you think we should be friends saves me from snooping around your profile and stuff when I have a friend add I don't know where the hell it came from. All comments initially screened. :)b
Hand over the man

Some deep and not-so-deep ~*~reflection~*~

Yeah yeah, it's been a while, but I figure since tomorrow's New Year's Day, what better time is there to dust off this account off and use it for... journaling purposes. Instead of posting apps, meme comments, etc.

I'm still debating doing a time capsule meme, but knowing my luck, I'll forget about it until I come digging through on another nostalgic whim. So odds are, I won't.

There's so much I feel like rambling on about, but I can't really put it into words. So maybe I'll put something resembling a New Year's Resolution in here. Yeah, sounds like a good idea. :>

1. Straighten up my act, re: school. Full stop.

2. Stay active with my games/characters. If I can't keep up with Dramadramaduck, Gauntlet (+ modwork), Compound and potentially, Mayfield, then it's probably a sign I should drop someone here or there.

3. Get my ass in gear in terms of modwork. Being on school break =/= break from modwork, and Jchan shouldn't have to pick up all my slack(ing).

4. Whenever I make icons, I should post them more frequently... not every four to six months when I have 200+ built up. >_>;;;

5. Needs more cowbell old Doctor Who. And maybe try playing the Rani some day. An amoral biochemist Time Lady seems like fun to play. o3o

6. Find a new job that pays better, isn't commission, and... will actually give me a raise and works with my availability. Preferably at a flower shop or a book store. But non-retail would be ever better, if possible.

7. Write up a good, long bucket list.

8. Visit some more Ducks, especially the in-state ones.

9. Consider some summer classes, the goal is to graduate at the end of year five.

10. Shop less on teefury, even if they have some really awesome shirts....

Alright. Ten things work for now. Should be doable. I hope.
Family means...

Tophie's Excellent-ish Adventure

Yeah. I seriously had an adventure today. I got a phone call a bit before two from my cousin Phylicia, who lives up in Vermont. She and her friend had come down to Massachusetts to go to Six Flags and somewhere around Chicopee, their car broke down. So after some internal debating and calling work to tell them I might be late, I got my brother to get some directions to the gas station they were at off of google and off we went. I mean, I couldn't just leave her there. My mom was at school, my dad was at work, our aunts and uncles are either out of state or farther east, and since my grandmother has Alzheimers, my grandfather can't exactly take her out with him in the event she wanders off or something and she can't be left home alone either. Besides, I'd feel like a total piece of shit if I abandoned family like that.

It went smoothly enough at first until we got closer to the Granby/Chickopee/Springfield area. We got lost and turned around several times until we stopped at some convenience store. The clerk wasn't much help but some guy with a tan and a really baggy shirt managed to point us in the right direction. We soon found it, as well as my cousin and her friend. So from there we tried to find our way to I-91 and got a little lost in the process, but after stopping for directions twice, we found it. Then once we got off, they decided they were going to wait for the friend's dad to pick them up at the Holyoke Mall. So then we got lost looking for that and stopped once more in Springdale (I think) and got directions, only to almost get lost on the way there courtesy of a wrong turn, but we found it by continuing a little down the road. So after we let them out at the mall, they gave us the simple instructions to get back home. Luckily, we managed not to get lost on the way back to Route 2. However, at this point I was already late for work and I still had to drop off my brother at his friend's house. So I did that before turning around for work, ending up there about an hour late. I had a decent shift, luckily it was slow, so I didn't have too much fitting room work. At 9:20 the store was decently clean so me and my coworker got to head off early. So I spent that time to go fill up my recently drained tank and drop off my coworker at home.

I finally got home at 10, and its amazing that eating a slim jim while you pump gas will remind you of how hungry you are, if you failed to eat anything from when your brother wakes you up at 12:30 in the afternoon to that point in time. >_>;;; So I had dinner when I got home.

EDIT: Now including this handy map I color-coded to illustrate where I've been. Green is the start point (2pm), red is the 'end point' (6:30pm), purple is the route there, blue is the one going back, and orange is my return trip home.

On the upside, friend's and family night is tomorrow so I've got a couple things on hold and totally looking forward to shopping while I work. :3 Also making note, if I have some extra money, I need at least one new shirt for work.

And for some random entertainment, a video I found whilst hunting around youtube:


Icon has never been more appropriate

Inventory sucks. I wasn't even there when they were doing it, but oh my fuck. The store was a fucking pit, like a tornado had gone through it. It's not even this bad during the holidays, and that's saying something. And they somehow thought I could clean up the floor afterward. Alone.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No. :| That's not happening after you tell me to spend about two hours folding up shirts when I still need to take my half, do the fitting rooms, cover the half for the only girl in shoes, and did I mention the customer assist calls too? Those take a while sometimes. You got the fitting rooms all nice and sparkly clean out of me though, so have fun with coming in to that when you all come in for inventory again. I just feel bad for whoever has the store after inventory tomorrow, but if they did it right, I think my coworker has a bit of company for the end of the night.

Oh, but you know, that was really nice of you to try calling someone in to help me from 5ish-9:30 though. You probably should've checked the schedule first before calling because then you would've realized I was already coming in before calling me. Fail....

So hopefully, I'll have er... today to myself and lappy before I go back for my 12:30-9:30 murder shift on Friday. Not looking forward to that at all.

And editing with a quiz/meme!

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The Stuntman

Random, Action-Oriented, Platonic

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(no subject)

More pointless news from Tophie:

I got a 2 am fireworks show. Some of my neighbors on the other side of the hill were setting off a bunch of them (illegally) and I found that by sticking the upper half of my body out the window, I could enjoy the show. Very, very pretty. It was a short show, which is understandable since 1) it was around 2 in the morning, and 2) they're illegal to set off unless you've got a permit or some shit to set them off (which no one really ever does).

And I have a pointless picture show, courtesy of Pandemic 2.

Earlier, I was getting frustrated in that I could not, yet again, infect Madagascar in any way shape or form, NO MATTER HOW MUCH NINJA STEALTH MY SYMPTOMS HAD it would always shut its sole shipyard before I could get to it. And then, lo and behold, I was spamming Miri with updates, asking for random advice , etc. when she gave me an idea to call it DYLANDY RAGE. That shit was so powerful, I ended up infecting Madagascar right after the shipyard closed. Unfortunately, they made a vaccine to stop me from infecting more people, so I started fresh. This time, I added five more a's to RAGE and I started in Madagascar. The next round featured 'DEADLANDY RAGE' (don't feel bad, I lol'd), which showed up at number 7 on the high score list. :3

But moving on, my final round was quite epic. I started in Japan, set a few things before leaving the game to fend for itself for... I don't know how long. When I looked back, every single last region had been infected by my disease, whose only symptom was a fever. Yes... this included Madagascar. So I tossed on a bunch more symptoms in order to whittle down the world's population. And it worked. Wonderfully. In fact, it worked so well, I won for the first time ever. And because it was still so close to after midnight.... I landed on the high score list again.

Oh, and when I was walking in to work on Saturday, some bitch in a white Dodge Neon almost hit me as I was crossing the parking lot. I didn't have time to memorize her license plate number or copy it down, so I contented myself by flipping her off.

After work Sunday, I felt like baking again, so now I still have about a dozen oatmeal raisin cookies that I made at 10 o'clock. Before I get the sudden urge to make any more though... I need more stick margarine, brown sugar, and vanilla extract.
So little time so much to read

(no subject)

So I survived. It definitely wasn't as bad as last year, but I'm not looking forward to my shift tomorrow/later today since I'll be alone on the floor, and those shifts tend to make me miserable. Or at the very least, tired for a while. Maybe I can grab up some of the Chinese my mom brought home for late lunch/early dinner to bring with me. And some of the oatmeal raisin cookies I made. Yum....

Now I'm off to eliminate the world with a strange bacteria of my concoction to classical music. Fucking Madagascar, I'll get you yet....
<3 Tophie~

Quick update

For anyone looking for me, I'm up in Vermont for the rest of today and coming home tomorrow. Working 1:30 to 7 so I doubt I'll be online until close to 8pm EST.

Totally gonna take a nap on the ride up since I haven't really slept yet....
Does not compute

(no subject)

Wow, imagine that. I'm posting again already! *gasp* What a surprise!

But yeah, I've got something awesome to share for anyone who has firefox. For anyone who's had to deal with Veoh's 5 minute thing, Megavideo's 72 minute video limit, etc. and is sick of it, I have found a wonderful plugin to ease your frustration.


It's an experimental plugin and the page has a description of everything it does and... *_______*

Now for those who care about what's going on in the life of Tophie, I have Monday through Thursday off from work which while I'm happy with having time to bum around, that's just that much less money I have for school and whatnot. With luck, I've also managed to pull myself from my financial hole, which I would rather not go into detail about.

I also ended up with a 12-6:30 shift on the Fourth of July. Again. I am praying to every deity and higher power out there to save my sorry ass in that my sole coworker that afternoon does not call out for fear of another incident like last year. Not good and not pretty.

Weather forecast is... scattered thunderstorms. So no trip to York Beach tomorrow... er, later today. ): Oh well, I forgot to shave my legs anyway. rofl

Oh yeah, and as if I can't say it enough, my wireless is a sack of cocks. It keeps fizzing out every once in a while at some really bad times, especially when I'm in the middle of something.

To-Do List:

1. Continue paying my bills and stuff on time.
2. Send out owed Christmas cards... >___>;;;
3. Stop being such a slacker on school work.
4. ???
5. profit Learn to keep some things for myself instead of blabbing.
6. Finish Code Geass
7. Use plurk more
8. Keep on practicing manga coloring
9. Renew registration for van before end of July
10. Put more money in paypal