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Helloooooooooo 6 am~~~~~~~~
So I realize I haven't posted on this thing in a while.

I can only think of a couple things to update for recent stuff.

-I need to remember that split shifts at work are evil and I must not automatically say "yes" every time work calls me to come in. ...But it means I get paid a bit more. Decisions, decisions.

-I should probably stop staying up until it gets light outside. Yes I realize 7:40 in the morning is an absolutely insane time to stay up to. 5:50 is no better... and neither is 5.

-Doing markdowns at work was the kind of mindless labor I needed for a shift starting at 7 am. Yes, I'm grateful for the extra hours. Yes, I'm glad I had the rest of the day for whatever. No, I do not like mornings at all. Particularly, anything before 10 am. :| Lazy, yes. Do I care, not really. I like my night shifts better because I'm more awake at night. Whether or not it's because I stay up so late has yet to be decided since I could be staying up late because I'm more of a night person.

-I might make some brownies before work if there's time. Or pudding if my dad got some. I need sugar. XD;;;

-I should probably make an icon post at some point. I've probably accumulated a metric fuck ton since my last one... in January.

-Need to renew the registration on the Green Monster before the end of next month or I'm in deep shit.

-...Pretty sure a headache means I should get sleep.

-Oh right, my inbox magically fixed itself the other day. Good thing too, I was going nuts without it. :/

Questions? Comments? Bueller? Night.

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Echo of a memory
Day three of laptoplessness. Between my mom's graduation and work yesterday, there wasn't much time for the internet anyway.

I did get to spend three hours out in the sun though. It was alright, until I realized I had a sunburn on my arms, forehead, nose, and the top of my head when I was at work a few hours later.

The graduation, I sort of liked because they didn't list off the names of the 4000+ students who were graduating or else I wouldn't have been able to get to work on time. It was kinda funny to see all the students down there tossing around beach balls once in a while. And the crowd got a good laugh when the lady making the opening announcements and such referred to the Senior Provost (I think that was his title) as the Senior Pervert.

Texting with Lisie and Tia was pretty awesome after the ceremony, so I'm hoping they have lots of pictures to share. Hopefully AmyJack'll have some pictures too.

Now off to work I go. I doubt I'll get any computer time, so I might end up going back to playing through Pokemon Gold some more as I just started a new file a couple days ago.

Just fucking miserable
This is just to inform you all that the power supply on my shitty laptop has some exposed/frayed wires and now lappy won't turn on. So I won't be around the net much, if at all. If I'm lucky I'll be able to hijack the family desktop, but the most you'll see of me might be on AIM. So for now, I'll be trying to get a new one off of ebay.

Good luck trying to catch me on my piece of shit phone. If it doesn't decide to screw me over too, my number is 978-846-8808. Best chance is to text me since it's been know to shut itself off in the middle of calls sometimes.

Later days, guys. Maybe I'll be back fully in about a week.

Look guys! I'm posting!
It's the beginning of the end
...To advertise myself on a meme. XD


If you want to find what I've written, tophieworks is the place to go. I don't even remember all the shit on my ff.net account anymore.

Not really much to say, but if anyone wants to catch up on anything, go ahead and ask here or im me: metalbender pwns on AIM, motoko.kusanagi@hotmail.com on MSN. Cool? Cool.

oh. my. god.
I am turning twenty in exactly one month.


Fuck I feel old.

Sorry for those of you already older than twenty, but this is so fucking weird for me. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah @_________@

So as it would seem, some habits are a little hard to break. For example, getting a bag of Starburst and staying up past 4:30 in the morning just to do whatever since there is no more Gundam 00 to watch.

Work was... weird last night. Sure I was there for four hours, but a note on the task sheet informed my coworker and I that no other MCA's had been around since 3. And we both got in at 5. Meaning the fitting rooms had been left to their own devices for two hours. Luckily, I only had kids, home fashions, and mens, my three favorite areas. And as my fitting rooms weren't horrible, I helped out Shauna with the one in misses that had gotten trashed. Then, I spent the next two hours working on my fitting rooms and customer assist calls. Then I had more fitting room work when I got back. All in all, I had about an hour and a half to clean up my areas as best I could. Thankfully, they weren't in absolutely terrible condition and I got kids and home fashions looking fairly decent. Bill, the lead in mens, had been keeping an eye on the area (more or less, between other things he needed to do) and I did what I could there towards the end of the night.

High point of the night: I got to make the closing announcements. Something I've only done once before, and it's never not amusing to inform customers (nicely) to gtfo the store and come back tomorrow.

Low point of the night: About ten minutes before I went on my break, I was putting away the rolling rack I pulled from the boys fitting room (which is almost always empty) only to have a customer inform me that someone left a dirty diaper in one of the two stalls. Gotta love people. ♥

Echo of a memory
I had this massive entry that I wrote up over the past hour and LJ ate it. I will share about my life later or in the comments. Pick a category (based on what I had been planning on rambling about in traditional teal deer format) and I'll talk about it. Each category has a different amount of details that I'll share about.

1. Work
2. Graphic Novel class
3. LJ/DDD anniversary
4. The advantages of silent dropping
5. My fucked up dream from Thursday
6. Fandom-related stuff (sub-categories: Deadman Wonderland, Gundam 00, Static)
7. April Fools Day

One thing I will mention is that I finally got my cell phone topped up. Now I just have to charge it. :X Sleeping now, will return to f-list stalking eventually.

Burning it all away
I still think snow kind of sucks, I'm getting sick of it. Not helped by the foot or so I pushed off my van yesterday. :/ Also, slipped on an icy patch as I was heading to this class. Weird how it didn't hurt much though.

Wireless randomly died around 3 in the morning and after half an hour of trying to get it to work again, I gave up and went to bed.

So currently, I'm sitting in applied stats, where I'd normally have no computer, but we swapped rooms with the class who's normally in this computer lab so the professor could teach us how to use some math program called 'minitab'. I can totally hear her and I'm listening (sort of, but then I'm sort of listening on a daily basis and I'm pretty sure I'm still passing, so hush. >_>;;;) Also confused as to why the school computers keep firefox under 'math programs'. Ah well, the more you know.

Be back online (hopefully) once I get home. If I'm not on at all when I get home between 2 and 3 (yes, EST), my wireless is still being a slut and you can bet money that I will be fuming at my laptop, the wireless, or both.



(I've got a couple icons for you that I need to fix up when I get home. :3)

Look Ma! I did a meme! ...and some other stuff
At peace with the world

I don't have much to share right now. My aunt and cousins came down from Vermont and them, me, and my parents went out for dinner, which was nice. My mom and I should be going to visit them at my grandparents a bit later tonight. I'm also vaguely interested in meeting my cousin's boyfriend who took a train into Worcester (and I'm guessing they'll be bringing him back up.) Maybe it's the part of me that sees her as the younger sister I never had but always wished I did, seeing as I was throwing a bunch of questions at her last night.

It's also kind of weird not having my brother around too. I don't mind that he's gone (because a little break from him using up the bandwidth for torrenting is nice), but I almost miss him calling me at random to show me something, whether it's part of a conversation he was having or a part of a show he's watching. Ah well, he'll be back Saturday night.

Uh... obligatory meebo is a sack of cocks that was just fine before they moved around their page set-up, the weather is absolutely beautiful today so I drove home with my window down (without freezing half my face, thank you very much), and... a to-do list!

To-Do List under hereCollapse )

Incoherent early morning post is go!
I want to wake up from this nightmare

As I type, /m/ is slowly killing their livers.

Maybe I'll cry like a baby when I watch the sub....

Good ep... all things considered, I kind of liked it.

Oh right, gfg crew, if you see this, I probably won't be on much tomorrow to catch most of you so go ahead and watch the raw without me. A-and have a tissue box ready just in case. ;_;


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