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I want to rip off your logic

Me: later_days (formerly eva4aikka)
Icons: tophiecons
Graphics: tophieworks
Museboxes: the_tea_box (my open musebox), house_of_tsun (UK/Ireland (extended) family musebox, Hetalia style)



-Starred accounts have been passed on to other people.
-Some accounts haven't been used, this list is just so I can keep track of them all.

Avatar: the Last Airbender
Azula: burnedugood
Toph Bei-Fong: bendsmetal//mightymelonlord

Axis Powers Hetalia
Ancient [Mother] Egypt/Khalida Isra Menes : mother_egypt (canon OC)
Commonwealth of Massachusetts/Sophia Abigail Jones: beansteanguns ("canon" OC)
Northern Ireland/Connor Finn O'Donnell-Kirkland: torn_betweentwo (canon OC)
Principality of Liechtenstein/Lilie Zwingli: lilieundbruder

Criminal Minds
Dr. Spencer Reid: mindnotmeasured

Deadman Wonderland
Nagi Kengamine/Owl: sane_owl
Senji Kiyomasa/Crow: a_bloody_crow

Death Note
Naomi Misora: myrayeoflight//bidxgoodnight (AU)

Digimon Adventure
Joe Kido: thereliableone//digital_doctor
Mimi Tachikawa: sincereprincess//truthinflowers*//ladyofsincerity

Disney's Hercules
Hades: ursoulismine

Doctor Who
Angel Bob: snappedhisneck
The Rani: doneforscience
River Song: nospoilers4you
Sally Sparrow: has_sore_eyes
Weeping Angels: andthenyoublink

Fairly OddParents
Juandissimo Magnifico: alwaysripshirts

Final Fantasy X/X-2
Lulu: blizzaga_fury

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Motoko Kusanagi: majorhacker//ghostin_myshell

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka
Eikichi Onizuka: 22_and_single

Harry Potter series
Helena Ravenclaw: willbegreater
Luna Lovegood: raddishearrings
Lily Evans/Potter: flower_of_lions//doeofthehollow
Peter Pettigrew: ipresstheknot

Miroku: lecher_monk

Invader Zim
Dib Membrane: headsnotbig

Jackie Chan Adventures
Uncle: oooonemorething

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Amy Dylandy: notbombed (AU)
Billy Katagiri: coffeesexual
Bring Stabi[li]ty: innovative_dots
Feldt Grace: mybffharo//givesherflower//feldtgrace//bridgedingly//tardis_bunny (AU)
Haro: justaverbaltic
Kati Mannequin: mannequintaisa
Marlene Vlady: forced_meister
Neil Dylandy/Lockon Stratos: mr_dynames

Monty Python's Flying Circus
Mr. Gumby: bricksmasher

Eris: joyfromchaos
Baron Samedi: jovialdeath

Haku: iliveforzabuza//frozenshinobi//winterborn_soul (AU)
Tsunade: passthesake//punches_toads
Jiraiya: peeping_toad
Orochimaru: petmysnakes*
Karin: iwantsauce//sound_bitch* (partly used for AU)//biteme_plz

Oban Star-Racers
Prince Aikka: bluebeetlerider

Pandemic II
Madagascar: fckinmadagascar

Pokemon/Pokemon Special
Crystal: pokestarcatcher
Jessie: preparefortrubl*
Suicune: born_of_rain

Yes! Pretty Cure 5
Komachi Akimoto/Cure Mint: writer_komachi



-a '*' indicates mod status at game
-a '+' indicates a return to a former game (if it's in the former game list, I have since dropped again)

DramaDramaDuck: dramadramaduck
--notdeadduck (DramaDramaDuck's emergency community)
--dramadramaducks (DramaDramaDuck's dressing room of sorts)
Counted Stars: counted_stars

Ambrose RPG: ambrose_rpg
Cafe Undying: cafe_undying
Compound: lastcompound [invite only]
Crucible RPG: crucible_rpg (closed)
Digital Dive: digital_dive+
Fandom Crash: fandom_crash*
Gauntlet: gauntlet_rpg* (closed)
Mayfield: mayfield_rpg
Polychromatic: polychromatic
Roleplayedingly: roleplayedingly
Somarium: somarium

Dressing Rooms
Dear Mun: dear_mun
Infinity Dressing: 8_dressing
It's A Small World: itsasmallw0rld
Gundam Dressing Room: gundressed
Naruto Dressing Room: narudressroom*


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