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More pointless news from Tophie:

I got a 2 am fireworks show. Some of my neighbors on the other side of the hill were setting off a bunch of them (illegally) and I found that by sticking the upper half of my body out the window, I could enjoy the show. Very, very pretty. It was a short show, which is understandable since 1) it was around 2 in the morning, and 2) they're illegal to set off unless you've got a permit or some shit to set them off (which no one really ever does).

And I have a pointless picture show, courtesy of Pandemic 2.

Earlier, I was getting frustrated in that I could not, yet again, infect Madagascar in any way shape or form, NO MATTER HOW MUCH NINJA STEALTH MY SYMPTOMS HAD it would always shut its sole shipyard before I could get to it. And then, lo and behold, I was spamming Miri with updates, asking for random advice , etc. when she gave me an idea to call it DYLANDY RAGE. That shit was so powerful, I ended up infecting Madagascar right after the shipyard closed. Unfortunately, they made a vaccine to stop me from infecting more people, so I started fresh. This time, I added five more a's to RAGE and I started in Madagascar. The next round featured 'DEADLANDY RAGE' (don't feel bad, I lol'd), which showed up at number 7 on the high score list. :3

But moving on, my final round was quite epic. I started in Japan, set a few things before leaving the game to fend for itself for... I don't know how long. When I looked back, every single last region had been infected by my disease, whose only symptom was a fever. Yes... this included Madagascar. So I tossed on a bunch more symptoms in order to whittle down the world's population. And it worked. Wonderfully. In fact, it worked so well, I won for the first time ever. And because it was still so close to after midnight.... I landed on the high score list again.

Oh, and when I was walking in to work on Saturday, some bitch in a white Dodge Neon almost hit me as I was crossing the parking lot. I didn't have time to memorize her license plate number or copy it down, so I contented myself by flipping her off.

After work Sunday, I felt like baking again, so now I still have about a dozen oatmeal raisin cookies that I made at 10 o'clock. Before I get the sudden urge to make any more though... I need more stick margarine, brown sugar, and vanilla extract.

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Mayhaps you could think of the fireworks as a tribute to the glorious success of your virus thingy. Even if it was beforehand. >.> 8D

Now I'm going to jump all over this Pandemic game you mentioned.

Actually, the fireworks were after my successful campaign on the world, so hey, it works out. XDDD

Game can be found here. But be warned, it's highly addicting. :3

Even more awesome! *icon bro*

I'm already playing it. 8D I'm a Parasite called Terror Red! (I think I've been rewatching too much Beast Wars.)


Hee, good luck, and don't let Madagascar get you down. When all else fails have one starter symptom and just let the game run on its own for a while. Funnily enough... it works.

And sorry for the double reply, my wireless has been really shitty lately. -_-;;;

I only have fatigue, sweating and fever as my symptoms. I've infected about 5000 people in Cuba (starting country) but I haven't spread elsewhere, nor have I killed anyone. But I am a patient parasite...

My god this is addictive. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?

If you want to kill, you have to move up to the higher tiers for more symptoms. If you want to speed up passing time, click on the little dots near the pause button.


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